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From the very flat Earn Valley the northern slopes of the Ochil Hills are mostly grass-covered, rounded hills, but Craig Rossie stands out with its steep north face and sheer cliff-face to the east. Located in my home town of Auchterarder, Perthshire. This very hill inspired the name of my husband Ross Ormerod’s Artisan leather business.

Just as nature has the ability to take your breath away and capture the imagination, Ross has found this affinity with leather. His passion has led to him using and bringing back old traditional leather working skills (many of which are no longer used) in order to create the highest quality products which are designed to reflect nature at its best and last a lifetime. Years of working with leather with meticulous and unrivalled attention to detail has earned Ross the status of Master craftsman among his peers.

Ross is able to make a variety of items including - Sporrans, Belts (dress, jean & kilt), Hip Flasks, Wallets, Cardholders and Handbags.

Committed to Quality

 All leather is ethically sourced, of the highest quality and from British suppliers. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Patterns are designed to your specific requirements, leather is then dyed to your chosen colour and cut by hand to size. Design features are marked out along with stitch markings. The product is then hand sewn together using the traditional saddle stitch (used in equestrian leather products for its strength) Finally leather is polished to perfection, edges finished with beeswax and metalwork installed. 

Due to all items being hand made from scratch it allows you as the discerning buyer the ability to put your own ideas into practice to come up a truly personal and unique design. 

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